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Member Introductions and Information / Hello from central PA, USA
« Last post by DBDoug on February 02, 2020, 11:45:55 AM »
Thank you for accepting my registration. I have just gotten interested in the paper model world. I am amazed at  the amount of detail you guys put into your projects. I think the last paper model I built was from the back of a cereal box in the '50's. The hobby has come a long way since then. I need to catch up.
Some of you may still see the blurred out and watermarked images from Photobucket
instead of the original posted images in some threads.

This is because Photobucket played a mean trick on their members a few years ago.
They started demanding money from users who linked images to other sites (like this one).
Thousands of Photobucket users had posted millions of images on various blogs, forums and websites over the last 15 years.
And all of sudden, photobucket decided they wanted to get paid for this, and started demanding payment in return for "locked" images.

Any image directly linked (its called third-party linking) from photobucket is now blurred and watermarked
unless the user pays for a premium account.

But for you, there is a fix.

A simple add-on to your browser can fix the Photobucket block...allow you to see clear, unwatermarked images.
Here are links to the fix for Google Chrome (and Brave) and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

if you are using another browser, just search the web, or within your browsers add-ons, for the "photobucket fix"

There are many threads here, that have this problem...and if you install the fix into your browser,
you should be able to see the original images.
Unfortunately you will not be able to right-click/save the images...since the saved file will be the blurry/watermarked image.

Forum Rules, Guidelines and Information / Send a PM (Private Message)
« Last post by Dave Winfield on October 23, 2019, 12:01:04 PM »
You can send an internal private message (PM) to any member or moderator of this Forum.

Just click the Member's Name and go to their Profile page.

From the options at left, choose "Send a Message".

Its like emailing only it stays here.
Everyone has an Inbox and Sent messages area.
Messages are stored in both areas for future reference (unless you choose otherwise).
Make sure to clean out your folders periodically...if you receive or send many messages.
We got you Don!
You said hello way back when...   ...but its nice to hear from you again.
I'm here.

I can't vouch for everything, but it looks like the majority of the forum migrated successfully.

But I don't deserve the credit for that...I gave in and got the help of a tech-xpert who not only migrated the forum
but helped move all my websites and domains to new hosting.

And it didn't break my bank account! Thats the best part.

There have been a few minor glitches, but nothing serious.
If you find any issues, just let us know.
Yeah!  Congratulations on getting the forum moved with everything intact.  At least the limited number of items I checked out.  Thank you for your efforts Dave!
Site Comments & Suggestions / Re: New Topic Areas or Designer Areas
« Last post by Dave Winfield on October 03, 2019, 12:38:41 PM »
I am always open to suggestions for new Topics and Forums that will cater to a subject or designer.
Just let us know what you would like to see.
Forum Rules, Guidelines and Information / Re: Posting and attaching Images
« Last post by Dave Winfield on October 01, 2019, 11:55:40 AM »
Using Fotosizer...

or "How I use Fotosizer Standard Edition"
This might also apply to other similar Foto editing software.

Download and install the free Fotosizer Standard Edition...or buy the Pro Edition, its pretty cheap for a Lifetime License.

There are a few different versions, not sure how up to date mine is, but controls couldn't have changed too much.
Open the software to the main screen.
You can resize the Fotosizer window by stretching from the lower right corner.

The large gray area is for the photos you will be editing.
Literally drag images from any folder or anywhere on your computer, into the gray area.
You can also use the buttons at bottom left to add individual photos or entire folders.

Once you've added some photos, you will see a small thumbnail next to info about the photo.
Its location on your computer, its size and dimensions, its type...and the resize dimensions based on your settings.

You'll need to choose the desired resize setting for the photo(s).
I prefer 800px wide photos for web forum use.
This is the ideal size for visual impact, and compact forum use.

You can change the resize settings for each batch of photos, but some settings you can preset and not have to touch again.
Here are the settings I preset and leave in place:

Make sure to check the three options under the Preset Size option.
These will keep your photos in proper ratio and shape.

Optional Settings
is a drop down item...with three tabs.

Effects and Rotation I don't touch.

Misc...make sure to change the quality to 100%.
By lowering this number, you will drastically reduce the file size. So this is great for very large photos.
But as you reduce the overall size of the photo, you want to keep a certain level of image quality or the photo will appear blurry and pixelated.
I opt for 100% quality for 800px wide photos.

Print DPI is what lowers the file size of the image. I usually stick with 96. Anything lower than 72 will give you a poor quality image.

Copy EXIF information...I leave unchecked to reduce file size
Copy XMP information...I leave unchecked to reduce file size

Destination Settings...another drop down...

Destination Folder is where the resized copies will be stored.
Photos are only copied. Originals are still there. Resize Copies are produced and stored wherever you specify. I usually just create them in the original source folder.

Output Formula should be jpeg for forum attachment use.

Once these settings are in place, they will not change from use to use.
You can of course make changes whenever necessary or desired.

When you are ready to resize your photo(s), just hit the Start button (lower right) and wait for the process to complete.
Time to completion depends on the number of photos being processed.

Once finished, you can close the program or resize a new batch of photos.
Press the Remove All button to clear the current batch of photos.

Navigate to the folder where you photos are saved and upload the ones you wish to use online.

Resizing your photos is not only necessary for attachment use,
but it can also save you valuable space at your online image storage site.
Photos that are reduced in data and dimension size will load and can be viewed much faster too!

if you need help with your photos, don't hesitate to ask.

Yes...if you are reading are at the new and improved PaperModelForum.
Everything looks basically the same, but the site has moved to new Hosting for an improved experience!

Your old Accounts should still work the same...log in as always, with your old credentials.
If you experience any log-in issues, just let us know.

If you had a problem logging in and are trying to register a new account...stop! And contact us.

Anyone registering an account for the first time will notice a new security feature during the registration.
This feature is to verify that you are a human and not a "bot" or malware driven computer identity.
This for your security and safety as well as the forum's safety!
Its easy to use, just read the questions carefully and answer them simply.

I am experimenting with Image attachments...previously this forum feature was disabled because of limited storage space.
However I have set limits for image size and overall data size of each image.
You may need to edit your images before being able to post them.

Using Direct Linking from a remote Image Hosting source is the best option for your own control.
This is still invited and recommended.
Y0u can link images from sites like Mediafire, Flikr, Imgur, Photobucket, facebook, etc etc
If you need help with image linking, there is a tutorial posted in Forum Info, and you can ask an Admin for help.

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