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A new guy
« on: January 22, 2019, 07:02:33 PM »
Hi folk ,

Thanks for having me. Iím a beginner moving to intermediate ( in my opinion  ;D ) so Iíll be looking fir suggestions on techniques,tools , books etc to improve my game. Iím working on an Oslabya right now. Iíve got Fly Model Type V11c and few others done. Still new at the game. So any tips , suggestions gratefully accepted

Dave Winfield

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Re: A new guy
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2019, 11:42:06 PM »
First, lets do the welcome thing...

Next...the photos...looks like some good work there.
You seem to be dealing with kits that are far from basic.
But everything is a bit of a mess with glue, stains, etc

Maybe you need to work on "cleaning up" your skills first?
Figure out some ways to keep your work area tidier and your fingers a bit cleaner.
Some guys wear gloves...I just stop and clean my fingers whenever I get glue or anything else on them.

Are you a rush builder? impatient?...if so, you need to find ways to slow down and build a bit more carefully.
And try to control the excess glue.
Maybe you are using too much glue in some areas.
You would be surprised how much better things stick with less glue on the surfaces.

What weights of cardstock are you using?
What types of glues?
Maybe start a discussion in the General area? this isn't the best place for responses.

Are you coating parts with glue? or painting them?
Its a bit too obvious.
I'm not fan of that...but if you must, I would suggest trying a thinner paint, lighter coats of paint or glue?

The Messer looks good, but  I still see some stains.
And the Spinner is a mess.
No nice way to say it.

Do you have a scanner?...if so, you can scan parts before you cut them up.
This way you can print a test copy and build it before you use the good parts...good to practice.
Or, the scan works to give you replacement parts in case you make a happens.

If you don't have a scanner, try tracing the parts (onto some cardstock) as you cut them out.
Then cut out and test build the traced you more practice before you mess up the good parts!

A good model is greatly ruined by a messy build.
A simple model is vastly improved by an extra clean build.
Keep working on it.