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Greetings from the East Coast of MURICA!

Started by wopanese, November 15, 2022, 07:59:26 AM

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New to papercrafting - it all came about in a roundabout way.  I've been pressed by my friends to start running a Savage Worlds game... Haven't run a tabletop RPG since 1st edition ADnD DECADES AGO (yeah, old fart here) so I figured I'd do a One-Shot to get used to the system... then  decided I needed to run a test combat to get used to the system.

So I needed a MOOSE.

But I had no moose "figure flat"... so I searched for paper figures and paper models and would up in this whole world I never knew existed.

So now I'm making buildings and scenery and still no moose, but WHO CARES??!!  I found an EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle!  Who needs a moose?  My players are in more trouble than they bargained for now.  :)

Anyway, so THANK YOU for doin what you do!  And if I ever piece together something worth looking at, I'll post it or share a website (eventually thinking about setting one up)

Rock on!

Vermin King

Welcome!  I played around with the Raspera moose once, rescaling it to 30mm.  I wouldn't wish that build on anyone.

If you haven't discovered the OneMonk Downloads, yet, you should explore all the treasures to be found.  I would draw your attention to Vermin King's Labs, in particular.  And the Hoards.  I know I have an Irish Elk in there somewhere.
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Dave Winfield

A Moose?! lol
Yes, I live in Canada. No, I've never seen a Moose.




There's a weird long story about why I needed a moose...  :)

Thanks for the consideration - I'll take a looksee.  I threw together a figure flat, but a 3rd moose would be much cooler... 

I saw one big model of a moose - and if that's the one you built - yeah, that's WORK.  Way beyond my skill level (and patience) right now!  I'll check out the elk.  I could make it work!


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