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Hello from Nevada

Started by OldMiner, December 05, 2022, 02:50:28 PM

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Thanks for letting me join! I've recently started playing with paper and glue again, after a few years off from the hobby. I'm 75 (and I really am an old miner) and getting slower by the day, so this is a way for me to have fun without moving much.

This is my first stab at building a model for a while. It is a work in progress, obviously, but it is a good practice project for me. I started with the little Assay Office kit from the net and have been adding and modifying it.

More as I work on it.


Vermin King

Do you have a preferred scale?

You might like some of these?
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That model is roughly 1:48 because I intended to make some buildings for a vintage Big Loader automated toy set. It is about 1:48 and the people fit nicely. This led to starting to build paper stuff again. I previously built quite a bit of wood and paper 1:24 stuff to go with my trains. That ended when we moved, I lost the room for the train layout. The 1:24 things have been relegated to storage for now. 

I want to stick with 1:48 (O scale) or HO scale since I have a ton of models and figures I built or bought for HO. Also, I can model in On30 or HO and use the bits I have.

The next build will be a Christmas gift for my son (who is a disabled Iraq war Veteran). It will be based around a 1:48 UPS Sprinter. We have a Sprinter that carries his wheelchair. I thought a house and garage and UPS delivery van would make a neat diorama.

So, either of those 2 scales, but I've figured out how to scale plans using a bit of software on my ipad. I only use the iPad, so it is rather limiting, but it works. I made a transparent 'scale' that I hold up to the screen before printing.


Wow, there are some neat models there, thanks again!  :)

Dave Winfield

Some fantastic models at Maquettes de'll have fun with those.
If you can't find the right Sprinter van model, let me know. Maybe I can help modify something.



Welcome and enjoy the forum!
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