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Virus Alerts - please notify me

Started by Dave Winfield, April 27, 2023, 10:24:33 AM

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Dave Winfield

If anyone experiences any sort of malware or virus alert pertaining to this forum, please report them to me.
Don't run away...I promise you the site, host and file have been checked (more than once) for any sort of malware.

In the past, I've had some issues related to my Hosting, and reported them.
They look into them right away and have confirmed nothing on my end, or from my sites.

But this past week, I personally am getting a malware alert (from Avast antivirus) every time i try to load the forum.
Its related to the banner image at the top of the site.
For some unknown reason, all of a sudden, Avast says the image is infected with something (its not) and blocks it from loading.

I've reported this to the site where the image is hosted...they haven't found a reason yet,
but are looking into it, because Avast is blocking something from their site!

So, if you are experiencing the same issue, or any issue, please post here, or contact me privately and let me know.  Thanks.