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Spam Posts get you banned

Started by Dave Winfield, November 15, 2012, 11:43:06 AM

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Dave Winfield

Just recently I have found some spam posts from non Card Modeling related individuals.
I guess the Internet Spamming Idiots finally found this place!

A no spam policy is in effect.
No messing around.
No confusion.

I would rather not argue about this, so be careful what you post and where.
I have no time for those who's only intention is to spam this board.

An obvious spam post will get your account deleted, no questions asked.
If you first post is a spam post*, your account will also be deleted.

*I consider a spam post to be a post unrelated to this forum or card modeling in general,
for the purpose of promoting a product or website.
We do have an "off topic" area, but even there I will not tolerate obvious spamming.

Main reason I am posting this information, is so our legitimate members can feel confident
that I will do everything I can to keep these unwanted junk posters out of our Forum.
If I should ever accidentally remove a post that isn't spam, please let me know.


Sorry to see that spammers found the forum. Latest spam is visible when I'm writing this. Maybe you should consider that you validate every post rather than remove all spam afterwards - the amount of posts is at a level to allow this policy too. You could ask for couple 'assisting admins' from the present members group to cover couple of time zones (or maybe just Europe and Americas). Just a thought.


Dave Winfield

If this continues, I will be forced to use the authorization process.
Its very frustrating.

I would definitely consider adding an admin to filter the forums (if someone was interested).