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This forum is NOT JUST FOR 'Dave's model topics' !!

Started by Dave Winfield, May 03, 2023, 10:03:49 AM

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Dave Winfield

This was said to me the other day:
"I understand the basic purpose of this forum is promote your paper models."

To any and all members, I need to know why you think the 'purpose' of this forum is to promote my models above others?
If its something I can easily change, I will....because that should not be the thought.

I created this forum many years ago, for two main reasons...
first, because I was unhappy (at that time) about things at another forum and I wanted a new forum to call home.
Second, because it was an available feature with my web hosting.

Immediately I realized that I could use the forum as a source of information for my own customers and fans,
so I created the additional section ("Dave's Card Creations Stuff") related to my models, and to keep my stuff separate.

But I've never promoted the forum as just for topics related only to my stuff....have I?

Of the few members that actually post here (lol it is a quiet place) there are many who ignore my stuff and post only about their projects.
Their posts are very much invited and appreciated!
Gomidefilho, is an excellent example, sharing his SnP and other micro builds.

But I am still surprised at how many people think this place is just for discussion of my(Dave's) work and nothing else.
And they choose to share their projects on other forums, but not here.

Let me state right now, that you can post about any model, or model topic.
You can ask questions or for help related to any model by any designer.

You can also copy and paste topics that you make on other forums.
You can even chat about non model related topics in the Off-Topic area.

There are some basic rules about posting (found in the Members Information section)
...but none of those rules say "topics must only be related to Dave's models"!

Please feel free to share what you want...the more, the better!!


I always understood that this forum had a double purpose: to function as a forum for paper modelling, and yes: to discuss, talk and promote the models created by you, there is nothing bad or wrong with that. I feel very comfortable here, although I post little. 
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