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New Member Sign Up

Started by Dave Winfield, November 16, 2012, 09:46:14 AM

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Dave Winfield

Much of the Forum is only visible to registered Members.
Sign is quick and free.
By registering you are disclosing your identity to the Forum admin.
This information will NOT be shared with anyone else.

Registration is for your security and ours.

If you want to post here you must become a Member.

There are a few easy steps to sign up.
They include filling out your account information,
answering a couple of security questions
and getting your membership approved.

Please understand, in an effort to combat the growing threat of forum spammers
the security measures are necessary to keep our boards free of annoying junk posts.

The first security question you will need to answer is an image capture...just look at the
image and type in the text/numbers you see.  You can refresh for a new capture if you
have any difficulties seeing the image.

The second security question is a simple text based question...just read it and answer it.

Your Member account will still require Administrator approval...this is as a result of recent
increased spam threats. Once we feel the number of spam accounts is under control, this
security measure will be removed.

Please be patient, it is still a fairly simple signup process...but the security measures are in
place to guaranty our members a better experience here.