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Posting and attaching Images

Started by Dave Winfield, July 02, 2017, 11:02:42 AM

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Dave Winfield

Two options for including photos and images in your threads:

Adding photos to your posts and threads is easy with the Insert Image feature
- use it to link to your online stored photos. (Flikr, Google, Facebook, Imgur, etc)
(Explained below)

Online stored Images

The best way to add images to your post and have them be visible in your post (not as a linked/clickable thumbnail)
is to store your photos online and use the Image insert option.

This requires you to store your images somewhere else like photobucket, imgur, flikr, facebook, google, etc etc

You'll need to copy an address for the image...
this can be done by copying the 'direct' linking address supplied by the image host
or right clicking an image, and copying the "image address" (url location).

To add an image to your post using that link, click the "Insert Image" button near the top of the post editor.

You cannot view this attachment.

Paste the direct link address (you already copied) into the URL box.
Make sure you post the entire image address!

If your image is larger than 800x600, please specify a maximum of 800 in the "Width (optional)" box.
This just verifies that the image is fully visible within a standard browser width.
*I hate when people post huge images that need to be viewed on a different page!
This keeps a consistent look to the threads, and guaranties the image fits on everyone's screens.


You can also use the Image Attachment option available with any forum post.

Please be aware, that because I don't want to start paying for extra space to host images, attachments are limited in quantity and actual file size.
Images/Photos are limited to 240kb each...a maximum of 920kb in each post...and a total of 6 attachments in each post (totaling 920kb)

With resizing and optimizing for web use, these are reasonable limits.
But you may have to edit your photos before you can post them.
HQ images directly out of your camera will definitely be too big!

To attach an image, drag your image(s) to the 'attach images here' bar...
your file(s) will be immediately uploaded and you will see its thumbnail.
It will be attached to your post as a "thumbnail"...or, you can insert the image anywhere into your post.
(Just like you see in this post)

You cannot view this attachment.

To "insert" an image, click the little insert icon* just to the right of the uploaded image thumbnail.
*(blue arrow to line)
Wherever you cursor is in your post, is where the inserted image will appear.
Just make sure to position your cursor at the right spot/line before you insert.

You can attach multiple images and insert them as you like, or leave them as attached thumbnails.
Just remember the file size limits.

There are many free photo editing programs available.
if you store your photos online, most image storage sites have basic editing tools available for free.
Crop and resize your photos easily.
This will optimize the photos for web use at the same time.

I personally use a free program for resizing photos (single photos or multiple all at once).
Fotosizer Standard Edition has a number of options and settings and can drastically reduce the web size of images.
Get it free here:

I'll follow up this post with a tutorial on how to use Fotosizer.


Dave Winfield

Using Fotosizer...

or "How I use Fotosizer Standard Edition"
This might also apply to other similar Foto editing software.

Download and install the free Fotosizer Standard Edition...or buy the Pro Edition, its pretty cheap for a Lifetime License.

There are a few different versions, not sure how up to date mine is, but controls couldn't have changed too much.
Open the software to the main screen.
You can resize the Fotosizer window by stretching from the lower right corner.

The large gray area is for the photos you will be editing.
Literally drag images from any folder or anywhere on your computer, into the gray area.
You can also use the buttons at bottom left to add individual photos or entire folders.

Once you've added some photos, you will see a small thumbnail next to info about the photo.
Its location on your computer, its size and dimensions, its type...and the resize dimensions based on your settings.

You'll need to choose the desired resize setting for the photo(s).
I prefer 800px wide photos for web forum use.
This is the ideal size for visual impact, and compact forum use.

You can change the resize settings for each batch of photos, but some settings you can preset and not have to touch again.
Here are the settings I preset and leave in place:

Make sure to check the three options under the Preset Size option.
These will keep your photos in proper ratio and shape.

Optional Settings
is a drop down item...with three tabs.

Effects and Rotation I don't touch.

Misc...make sure to change the quality to 100%.
By lowering this number, you will drastically reduce the file size. So this is great for very large photos.
But as you reduce the overall size of the photo, you want to keep a certain level of image quality or the photo will appear blurry and pixelated.
I opt for 100% quality for 800px wide photos.

Print DPI is what lowers the file size of the image. I usually stick with 96. Anything lower than 72 will give you a poor quality image.

Copy EXIF information...I leave unchecked to reduce file size
Copy XMP information...I leave unchecked to reduce file size

Destination Settings...another drop down...

Destination Folder is where the resized copies will be stored.
Photos are only copied. Originals are still there. Resize Copies are produced and stored wherever you specify. I usually just create them in the original source folder.

Output Formula should be jpeg for forum attachment use.

Once these settings are in place, they will not change from use to use.
You can of course make changes whenever necessary or desired.

When you are ready to resize your photo(s), just hit the Start button (lower right) and wait for the process to complete.
Time to completion depends on the number of photos being processed.

Once finished, you can close the program or resize a new batch of photos.
Press the Remove All button to clear the current batch of photos.

Navigate to the folder where you photos are saved and upload the ones you wish to use online.

Resizing your photos is not only necessary for attachment use,
but it can also save you valuable space at your online image storage site.
Photos that are reduced in data and dimension size will load and can be viewed much faster too!

if you need help with your photos, don't hesitate to ask.


Dave Winfield

If anyone has suggestions for online image storage please let us know.
If you find a site that works well, we can share it with the rest of our members.

And remember, if you have difficulty with any of this, just ask for help.
Its not rocket science, but it can be confusing at times.