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Forum Time...Timezone settings and Post Times

Started by Dave Winfield, January 08, 2012, 09:15:50 AM

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Dave Winfield

You may have noticed that when you make a post, it also reveals the Date and Time the post was made.
This "time" may or may not coincide with your Local Time.

The Forum's Clock is set to Eastern Canada/America Timezone...which is minus 5hrs GMT (-5hrs)
Mainly because thats where I live.
So when you make a post, thats the time it will use and thats the time it will present to all others who view your post.

However, if you would prefer to see all Time references adjusted to suit your own Timezone
you can make this happen...
Just look to the top of the page and click on "Profile" on one of the drop down items to open your profile settings.

Just above the Profile settings, find the "Modify Profile" button
and click on "Look and Layout" in the drop down menu.

You will see a setting for "Time Offset".
This will show you the current Forum Time and allow you to input an offset based on your time preference.
AutoDetect is currently in place to detect your server settings, but it doesn't always work correctly.
This option will allow you to change the visible time (only as you see it).

Example...if your clock is three hours ahead of the default Forum Time, then you just need to enter +3 in the options box.
Remember, your adjustment is in relation to the Forum default Time.  So, don't enter your actual timezone GMT offset.