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papermodelforum is back!!! new home/same look

Started by Dave Winfield, October 01, 2019, 09:33:16 AM

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Dave Winfield

Yes...if you are reading are at the new and improved PaperModelForum.
Everything looks basically the same, but the site has moved to new Hosting for an improved experience!

Your old Accounts should still work the same...log in as always, with your old credentials.
If you experience any log-in issues, just let us know.

If you had a problem logging in and are trying to register a new account...stop! And contact us.

Anyone registering an account for the first time will notice a new security feature during the registration.
This feature is to verify that you are a human and not a "bot" or malware driven computer identity.
This for your security and safety as well as the forum's safety!
Its easy to use, just read the questions carefully and answer them simply.

I am experimenting with Image attachments...previously this forum feature was disabled because of limited storage space.
However I have set limits for image size and overall data size of each image.
You may need to edit your images before being able to post them.

Using Direct Linking from a remote Image Hosting source is the best option for your own control.
This is still invited and recommended.
Y0u can link images from sites like Mediafire, Flikr, Imgur, Photobucket, facebook, etc etc
If you need help with image linking, there is a tutorial posted in Forum Info, and you can ask an Admin for help.



Yeah!  Congratulations on getting the forum moved with everything intact.  At least the limited number of items I checked out.  Thank you for your efforts Dave!

Dave Winfield

I can't vouch for everything, but it looks like the majority of the forum migrated successfully.

But I don't deserve the credit for that...I gave in and got the help of a tech-xpert who not only migrated the forum
but helped move all my websites and domains to new hosting.

And it didn't break my bank account! Thats the best part.

There have been a few minor glitches, but nothing serious.
If you find any issues, just let us know.