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Blurred and Watermarked Photobucket Images in threads.

Started by Dave Winfield, January 23, 2020, 04:52:32 PM

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Dave Winfield

Some of you may still see the blurred out and watermarked images from Photobucket
instead of the original posted images in some threads.

This is because Photobucket played a mean trick on their members a few years ago.
They started demanding money from users who linked images to other sites (like this one).
Thousands of Photobucket users had posted millions of images on various blogs, forums and websites over the last 15 years.
And all of sudden, photobucket decided they wanted to get paid for this, and started demanding payment in return for "locked" images.

Any image directly linked (its called third-party linking) from photobucket is now blurred and watermarked
unless the user pays for a premium account.

But for you, there is a fix.

A simple add-on to your browser can fix the Photobucket block...allow you to see clear, unwatermarked images.
Here are links to the fix for Google Chrome (and Brave) and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

if you are using another browser, just search the web, or within your browsers add-ons, for the "photobucket fix"

There are many threads here, that have this problem...and if you install the fix into your browser,
you should be able to see the original images.
Unfortunately you will not be able to right-click/save the images...since the saved file will be the blurry/watermarked image.