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Hello again from South Brazil

Started by gomidefilho, May 20, 2020, 10:37:52 PM

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Quote from: Dave Winfield on May 21, 2020, 08:51:53 AM
I like your three light setup.
Those are very expensive lights here in Ontario (Canada).

Your houses and streets look like everywhere else...including here.
I find that a lot, whenever someone posts photos of their neighbourhood.
I guess we expect to see something radically different, but we never do.
Our lives are so much similar around the world than we realize.

I have the same Budweiser glass.

That much meat would cost me a weeks rent here, but it all looks very tasty.
However, I cannot eat salt, so...

This is a beautiful picture:

Hi Dave.

Life in the western world is very similar in my view, the only difference is the access to services and products that vary from country to country.

The food in Brazil is cheap mainly the meat here in my state because he is a producer, it is a tradition that comes from the 17th century when the south of Brazil started to be occupied by Portuguese and Spanish.

About the lamps, which is funny, in Brazil they are absurdly cheap, around 10 US dollars, I particularly work with very small subjects, I need good lighting.

Over the salt it is whipped to be removed from the meat when the roast is ready! ;)
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Quote from: Vermin King on May 21, 2020, 11:01:28 AM
Back in the day, I used to barbecue a lot, then got lazy and went through a grill stage.

And my son swiped my Budweiser glass like that.  I know I will never see it again

Thank's I have six of Budweiser Glass and Six of Stella Artois. ;)
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Don Boose

Hi Péricles -

I hadn't checked in to Dave's forum for a long time and was very glad to see this thread and to learn so much more about you and the setting from which come all those superb models that you build.

Good wishes,



Many thank's Don! Good wishes for you too my friend!!  ;D
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I'm back...

After 120 days I tried return to post... :D
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Dave Winfield

Still quiet around here...thats okay...nice to see you here again.


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Vermin King

There are no strangers in this world ...
Only people I haven't embarrassed ... yet


And to think I WAS going to fix Salmon for Ursula's and my dinner tonight...but after seeing your pictures I want steak!!!


Hello and thanks for the great pictures !


Thanks my friends. Is the night of barbecue ;)
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