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Using Mediafire for Images (and Fotosizer)

Started by Dave Winfield, January 06, 2022, 11:56:39 AM

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Dave Winfield

This information is for those of you looking for a place to store photos and images online
and use them in Forums like this one.

I personally use Mediafire storage for a number of things, including my forum images.

Mediafire does offer a free account...with 10gb of free storage (for files of any type including images).
If you optimize your images before you store them there, you can store thousands of photos within the 10gb limit.

*Note: its possible that Mediafire does not allow photo linking with their free accounts.
I haven't verified this. (I personally have a Premium account) might want to contact them about this.

Heres how I use Mediafire for images, and how I add images directly into posts (like the one below)

You can still use the Attachment option to add photos to your posts, but those images appear as thumbnails at the end of your post.
And there are size/data limits to keep you from uploading HUGE photos.

Before you store photos online its best to resize and optimize...
I like to use 800x600px as my forum image size.
This forum is set to resize images automatically, but I upload all my forum images at that size, to use on any forum.

I use Fotosizer to optimize my images, which makes them much smaller in data size.
This way there is no problem with Forum limits, or storage space online.

Fotosizer is quick and easy to use...and free.

The trick is to preset things:
I use a preset size...or you can specify a custom size.
You can drag and drop multiple photos into the program for batch editing.

Make sure to check the three options below the Sizing options.

Look into Optional settings and...
uncheck all boxes (recommended).
This will drastically reduce the data size of the image
and make sure there is no real quality loss during the default optimization. will find, once optimized, the data size of each file has drastically reduced (50-80% in most cases!)

You can also preselect where the new images are saved (this process does not affect the original images).
Look to Destination settings to do this...I usually opt for "original location/folder"
Then the new optimized images appear, with the originals (just with slightly different file names).

You can then upload these optimized images to mediafire.


Using Mediafire:
You can create a full directory just like what you are used to on your PC.
Create folders and sub-folders.
It pays to be overly organized so you can find stuff!

Uploading Photos:
best to go directly to the folder you want to add photos to.
But, you can easily move images and folders from directory to directory at a later time.

Once a folder is open on the screen you can upload images/files to that folder.
There is an upload button at the top of the screen, click it to open an upload window.
Or...just drag images/files directly over the screen and into the folder.
Once you release, the files will begin to upload into that folder (an upload indicator will appear in the lower right).

Files are immediately available for use, and new files generally appear at the top of the folder,
but you'll have to refresh the screen to allow proper sorting based on your view setting.
(I tend to sort alphabetically, but there are a number of sorting options)

Replacing/updating images:

you can easily update/replace/edit an existing file/image by uploading a new version at any time.
Drop the new image into the same folder as the old one...making sure the file name is exactly the same as the old one.
You will immediately get the option to replace the old photo (or keep both with an updated file name).
If the image is already been used on a forum, and you replaced using the same file name, it will be automatically updated to the new image!

Viewing folders:
There are some viewing and sorting options at the top of your screen.
I like to use a stacked/list view for files (first image below)
and a tile/thumbnail view for photo folders. (second image below)

As I mentioned, you can also arrange folders to sort by various criteria (eg date added, alphabetical, downloads, etc

Using images in Forum Posts:

I insert images as direct inline "images" in my forum posts.
Use the Insert Image tool and use the direct linking code for each image.

To find the correct code, right-click the desired image at mediafire...
and look for the Share* option and click it.

*all other options do various things, but I have found that none of them give you a code that works for direct linking.

Once you click the Share option, you should see the "Share this file" window.
Copy the Download link.
Note: this is not the same download option as seen in the right-click options.

The download link (saved to your clipboard) is the proper direct link code
which you can insert into your forum post (as an image insert).
Try it.
If it doesn't have the [Image wrap] it won't work.

Thats it.
If you have questions, just post them, and I will try to help you.
Good luck with Mediafire.


Very clear and detailed instructions. Thanks Dave!